Business Development

Within a significantly changing world, a business owner, investor, CEO or director will always look for short and long term opportunities. These can be achieved by a focus on organic growth, but also by focussing on business development (BD).

Business Development within the ground handling industry always involves gaining (new) knowledge, insights and preferably a significant experience.

For example, an airline is operating over 100 flights a week to one and the same airport. Maybe it is worth to consider Self-Handling. Either above the wing, below the wing or the full scope of services. Or consider to operate an own Ticketing and/or Excess Baggage desk.  

For ground handling companies it is very common to consider service diversification. For example, the ground handling company has provided Passenger and Ramp services with a solid customer base. Based on customer surveys and business discussions it might be interesting to commence Cargo Handling services or start a third party Lounge within the departure/gate area.

We have a profound knowledge and especially experience within the Business Development field related to the ground handling business. We have seen it and we have done it all, including Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A).