Sharing is Carrying Forwarding Export

Running an export operational process is very comprehensive.

An easy process summary:


Sharing is Carrying Quotation


Sharing is Carrying Booking Confirmation

Booking confirmation

Sharing is Carrying Communication With a Seller And Shipper

Communication with a seller and/or shipper

Sharing is Carrying Pick-up


Sharing is Carrying Preparing Documentation

Preparing documentation (in line with Incoterms)

Sharing is Carrying Custom Clearance

Customs clearance

Sharing is Carrying Dangerous Goods Document Check

Dangerous Goods document check

Sharing is Carrying Check The Shipment

Check the shipment in the warehouse if it is ready for carriage

Sharing is Carrying Dangerous Goods Physical Check

Dangerous Goods physical check

Sharing is Carrying Labelling With Machine

Labelling with machine readible labels (bar code)

Sharing is Carrying Repacking

Repacking (if needed)

Sharing is Carrying Transfer The Cargo

Transfer the cargo to the airline warehouse

Sharing is Carrying Check The Flight Departures And Arrivals

Check the flight departure(s) and arrival(s)

Possibly even taking care of the handling, transfer, customs clearance and delivery of the cargo at destination.

It involves a lot of different processes to make sure the logistical supply chain is working properly, especially as the majority of the process is operated by human manpower.

We have been operating the airfreight export process on an operational, mid-management as well senior-management level. Therefore we can provide in depth knowledge to organize, maintain and development of the export business.

Our forwarding support includes:

  • Start-up support
  • Operational management
  • Air cargo procurement
  • Tender and Bid support
  • Sourcing management (transport, handling, packaging etc)
  • Business development (feasibility studies, commercial support, consolidations)

Our operational, commercial and management knowledge is made visible within the following overview (Air Cargo Supply Chain)