Sharing is Carrying Forwarding Import

Managing an import operation can be very challenging. You have to rely on the shipper and forwarder at the origin airport with regards to shipping documentation, original paperwork, pre-alerts and the airline in cooperation with their cargo warehouse. It makes it even more challenging the full ex-works process needs to handled.

But then the import customs process becomes key. The correct HS (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System) determines the import duties and possible taxes subject to where you are located.

Once the customs clearance is done a delivery is normally taking place, which needs to be properly organized in cooperation with the trucking company and consignee/reciever.

The import process is comprehensive and consist of many activities.

We have been operating the airfreight import process on an operational, mid-management as well senior-management level. Therefore we can provide in depth knowledge to organize, maintain and development of the import business.

Sharing is Carrying Forwarding Support

Our forwarding support includes

  • Start-up support
  • Operational management
  • Air cargo procurement
  • Tender and Bid support
  • Sourcing management (transport, handling, packaging etc)
  • Business development (feasibility studies, commercial support, consolidations)

Our operational, commercial and management knowledge is made visible within the the following overview (Air Cargo Supply Chain)