Succesfull sales is like a love relationship

by | Aug 13, 2020

Sales, The Love Scenario by Vels Consultancy & Training B.V.

Are you in sales and ever thought about how it works best? It is actually very simple.

You are in a bar or restaurant and you see an other person. Somehow there is immediately attention and some serious eye contact between the two of you. In general the two of you are both single, but sometimes one or both of you is in a relationship (be aware, I am not pushing here to break up personal relationships, lets make that clear). After a while you seek an approach and invite the other person for a drink. In business this might be a first coffee introduction. If there is a click, you might suggest another drink and you end up in the early morning.  In case it all works well and the ‘butterflies’ are in the air, you start a more challenging chat and you try to gain some more attention.

OK, that was Doctor Love, but now we are pushing it a bit further into a (business) future. At a certain moment you are really falling in love and you might even get into some physical contact. This is in business where you are getting the momentum to feel comfortable with each others businesses and possibly considering to do some first deals. You feel excited and you are still scanning for opportunities.

After a bit of time you are happy together an you might consider to start living together. This is the moment where you might need need an agreement and in business you definitely want one. It gives both parties some comfort and it can also contain a phrase about what happens when you break up.

Once living together you will experience some hurdles together and sometimes you might get into some serious heavy discussions. In business this can be the same, but the good thing is you will learn to know each other much better. You will be able to identify limits as well each others pains.

And now you want to focus on something which is bigger: Getting married! How exciting, where you are going to share even more with each other and everybody is allowed to know it. This is where in business you will focus on a big and beneficial deal for a long term period. It is valuable and you have both been working on a unique collaboration. 

After you have enjoyed the big party and happily married, you might consider family expansion. You can consider to become parents of a child or getting a pet. In business this might become a new (project) partnership, a cross sell moment or even getting introduced to collaborate with other entities within the group (either a sister company or department of the seller and/or even the buyer). This brings a lot of weight into the talks and you are now talking about becoming ambassadors. Really exciting, you will definitely be encouraged to make this happen together, where certain moments will be definitely challenging.

It is almost becoming a fairy tail as I can continue to write about this, but at the end you will always try to focus on the future. There is obviously always a chance of a break up in business, but I would like to close this ‘Love in sales story’ with: And they lived happily ever after.